Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from wearing what I want.

I jest; I ain't jumping into any body of water with this suede on, buddy. In fact, it's probably terrible time to add suede to this transeasonal equation of contrasting textures, considering how many times it has rained, hailed and snowed unannounced this week. But what can I do? The weather between seasons will always be hectic, but my heart wants what it wants.

The point I want to get across is that I always wear what I want, no matter the circumstances or what people have to say about it - and I don't mean this in a Madonna-esque rebellious way. I simply wear what I like and don't try not to depend on the opinions of others. As often as I may serve out copious helpings of style advice online and offline, I always emphasise on one thing - if you like it, wear it.

What does it matter what someone else may think about your clothes? Before you can look good, you have to feel good. What you put on should boost your spirits and confidence, not make you uncomfortable and awkward. It's not an easy feat, but everyone should embrace their own instincts at the end of the day and start to make their own judgement calls.

Looking at magazines and blogs should equip you with techniques to build a wardrobe or outfit of your liking, not dictate exactly what to wear. Fashion is what they give you, but style is what you make of it. Contrary to what Miranda Priestly has drilled into our heads, if you believe you have a sense of style, then you are stylish.

Faiyaz out. Mic drop.

Styling, creative direction - Faiyaz Kolia
Photo assistance - Claudia Naomi

Wearing: Gap - Cashmere turtleneck // Zara - Distressed denim shirt, jeans // Loewe - Suede bomber jacket // Bershka - Sneakers // Hermès - Silver Collier de Chien bracelet

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