You'll usually find me passed out in bed after a flight, but owing to a wrongly timed nap 40,000 feet in the air, I find myself feeling rather fresh at a quarter to 5 in the morning. Obviously that means I should divulge the highlights of the trip I just returned from, right? Right.

After a lull on the creative front over the last week or so (as you may or may not have noticed on my quiet Instagram feed), my trip to Perth couldn't have come at a better time. Although it felt like two hot minutes, the few days spent down under were plenty enough to replenish any inspiration that had run dry.

Australia has a certain je ne sais quoi in the air. Like, actually in the air. I don't know about the grass being greener, but the light is definitely more photogenic on the other side. Possibly due to the fact that it's located so far south of the equator, light shines differently there and seems to have magical qualities. At any time of day I can pop outside, given that a London-like gloom isn't the forecast, navigate between blue-tinged shadows and go shutter-happy. Don't even get me started on the golden hour, which should be aptly renamed to the golden hours.

One of my favourite rituals while in Perth (other than engorging myself at San Churro) is to go for long strolls by the Swan River. I prefer the wooded paths along riverside neighbourhoods as they're less crowded (read: empty) and much more tranquil (read: less embarrassing to take photos of myself). But in semi-complete seriousness, being alone with nature in such a beautiful setting really opened up all the creative blocks I've been feeling. The many posts that have been incubating in the drafts folder now feel like they're ready to hatch.

For now, these visuals will have to satisfy you while I try to forcefully grab on to some Z's. See you again during my next bout of muse-induced insomnia!

Wearing: Blue Harbour - Shirt // Giordano - Jacket // Bally - Oriano sneakers // Bottega Veneta - Weave bracelet // Prada - Sunglasses // Louis Vuitton - Zippy coin purse

Self portraits by yours truly.



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