Lazy sunset situation by the river in my concrete jungle, unwinding after a busy day of buzzing around town earlier this week. I'm a huge fan of stripes and I think I really need more of it in my life. In fact, I don't actually have any stripes in my closet. This shirt found it's way onto my clothes rack by fluke, when it should have been down the hallway in my dad's wardrobe. What a happy accident. And my poor Box bag finally got to see the light of day after an incredibly long time. This one is definitely coming back with me to London. I love the Parisian vibe when you pair some stripes with Céline. Maybe a little trip to France is what my subconscious is hinting at. Time to get offline and help out around the house as preparations for Eid are underway. Au revoir!

Wearing: Marks & Spencer Collezione - Shirt // Zara - Jeans // COS - Belt // Givenchy - Patent Oxford shoes // Céline - Box bag

Shot by Rachel, at Marina Bay.

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  1. You just gotta love this look! It’s everything nice combined: monochrome, stripes and Celine! So glad the shirt made it’s way into your wardrobe it just looks so nice with the box bag!

    Sophie xx


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