HERMÈS prêt-à-porter automne-hiver 2016-2017


As promised, I present to you my favourite moments from Hermès during PFW (read the full story at the Fashionide). Let's begin with Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski... there's so much I could say about this woman. Even more than that are the things I want to say to her. Why are you so chic? Will you be my friend? Are you a model? The designer herself may look like a Madonna right out of a renaissance painting, but her design aesthetic at Hermès is updated to the minute. Minimal with maximum effect. Meticulous, yet nonchalant. Ultra luxurious, but not loud. Let's not forget her past experience at The Row, Maison Margiela and Céline - this lady has some serious guns in her armoury. She may not be a big personality like her predecessors at the French powerhouse, but she's definitely rising above her contemporaries and making her mark. On the runway, I couldn't help but marvel at the silhouettes and forms of the clothes as they floated by. Up close at the showrooms, I could have buried my nose in every little detail. And the accessories... oh my god. I'll take all of them in every kind of leather, in every colour. Thanks.

In other news, I know this update is a little late, but it's better than never, no? There's nothing more I want to do than share my experiences with you, but sometimes inspiration runs dry or life gets in the way. Believe me, there are so many posts lined up waiting in my drafts folder (over a dozen), but for me, quality trumps quantity. I'd rather share a well executed story where I have something to say, rather than spew out slapstick photo diaries, even if it means I don't get to update as often.

I've just gotten back from a little trip through Europe (which I'm sure you've been following on Instagram) and that means fresh content and more time to curate this space better. I'm about to hold my breath and dive headfirst into the 5000 or so photos from the last two weeks through Spain, France and Netherlands. Wish me luck, guys.

Photography by yours truly.


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