Gridlines conjure up images of math class in my head, where I spent more time on my graphic display calculator making art than solving linear equations. So naturally, when I wore this grid-like pattern, I couldn't stop myself from feeling a little nostalgic and in the mood to pretend I was ready for school.

If only I had a fraction of my current dress-sense back then.








There are few that can twist preppy into preppy-chic. Myself excluded, unfortunately. Most of the time if I do dare go down the back-to-school path, I actually end up looking like a kid ponning class. That's a little too real and on the verge of costume for me. This is one of those rare occasions where, by some stroke of sartorial luck, I kind of feel like I'm fancy enough to be in Cher Horowitz's squad. Can I sit with you, Cher? (No, not the teacher).

Getting nostalgic about school got me thinking a lot about my time in ACS and how being there shaped my life. Who would have known that my random decision to get a camera 10 years ago, along with some very inspiring friends, would have made my dreams of becoming a vet do a complete 180?

I remember spending many late nights not just doing essays, but satisfying my passions as well - editing photos, making banners, signatures and other graphics, creating posters for school events, etc. Back then, the haters (aka adults) told me that I was wasting my time on such nonsense...

Looking back now, I can say with 100% certainty that it was definitely not a waste of time - they were self-taught lessons in post-processing and photo-manipulation.

Also, how does everyone feel about this overly graphic post? Thinking about how inspired and creatively-driven I used to be when I was younger actually inspired me to stray away from my more traditional style of posting. Go figure. Could I just think about exercising to complete my daily workout? No? It was worth a try. Let me know what you think! Until next time, kids. Stay in school!


Creative direction - Faiyaz Kolia
Photo assistance - Claudia Naomi


Wearing: COS - Shirt // Zara - Trousers // Topshop - Coat // Alexander McQueen - Patent leather skull slippers // Proenza Schouler - Courier backpack // Céline - Audrey sunglasses // & Other Stories - Bracelet // Maria Francesca Pepe - Rings






    • Thank you, Kangkan!

  1. Love how you’ve styled these grid pants and totally loving your blog and how editorial like the layout is!

    Sending love from Sydney! Just followed on bloglovin 🙂

    I’ve just uploaded my video from the H&M Sydney Flagship store opening featuring Solange Knowles as the guest DJ for the night and would love to hear your thoughts x

    Helen xx

    • Aww thank you Helen! Will definitely check it out!!

    • thank you Vivienne!


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