करिश्मा का करिश्मा

the miracle of karishma


Collaborating with other creatives is always such a joy for me, even if it's just me photographing them. There's always something to learn from them and they bring a different energy to the set. This is one of the reasons why there has been a steady shift in the kinds of people that I photograph.

Among the many talented people I have shot over the last few months is this beautiful soul, Karishma. She is a visual artist and photographer with an exquisite eye and impeccable taste. We have worked together in the past and owing to how we got along so well, unknowingly we became good friends.

In the past I've noticed that I tend to over-explain my photography, but I'm starting to understand that less is more is also well applicable in this scenario. What I will say though, is that in my recent work, I've been exploring ideas on representation and identity. From there, it's now reached a point where I'm questioning how our reputations paint an image of us and how that differs from the gaze in which we put ourselves in. It's an ongoing dialogue I've had with myself and others involved. Learning this way through photography and interactions with my subjects is definitely a new experience and I can't wait to see where it takes me next.










MODEL // Karishma Pranjivan

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