After a glorious seven days in la Ville Lumière, I've come to a very concrete conclusion about Paris - this city was built out of magic and pixie dust.

I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it was that enamoured me quicker than you could double tap an Instagram post. Was it the romantic and historically-rich architecture?  Was it the twisting wrought-iron balconies that overlooked the ridiculously photogenic streets that trapped my heart as I walked around? Or the fact that Paris is one of those places where you can actually walk everywhere you want to go? Or maybe it was because of the friendly people around me (I really don't know why the French get a bad rep for being rude)? The minute I settled into my charming Airbnb, I felt like I was home, and not like I was there for work or as a tourist. It could have been that?

Whatever it may have been, it was the perfect mix of circumstances and a dash of that je ne sais quoi that makes Paris so Paris. I've left a trail of my heart through this city and you can track it through Instagram with #fixatedFRANCE.

During the times that I wasn't floating through cobblestone streets, snapping every building, window and door that could be photographed, stuffing my face with every pastry and dessert in

sight and stopping to smell the roses, I was covering Paris Fashion Week for the Fashionide. What a perfect marriage between pleasure and profession. In all honesty though, even the work side of this trip felt a lot like play to me. I guess that's what they mean by "do what you love and you'll love what you do."

It was, however, pretty intense, now that I think back on the one too many things that I managed to squeeze into the short amount of time. My hips don't lie, much like Shakira's, and they're telling me that I should have walked less and Uber-ed more. And speaking of super convenient chauffeur services, the Uber teams from the rest of the world really need to take some tips from their French counterpart's A-game. By the time I'd taken my third ride with them in Paris, I had to double check that I wasn't accidentally ordering some fancy premium car service. Luxury cars with tinted windows, a buffet of phone chargers, candy and drinks, and suit-clad drivers who were more than happy to add to the Parisian traffic just to close your door for you, no matter how much you insisted that you could do it yourself. That's 5 star worthy service right there.

Other than being fascinated by amazing service, here are some of my quick highlights from the City of Lights and PFW.

1. Alexander Mcqueen Spring/Summer 2016, hot off the runway. 2. With Nicole Warne, at Dior. 3. Parisian streets are sights of sore eyes. 4. Avec Margaret Zhang, après Balmain. 5. During the Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 show at the fictional Aeroport Paris Cambon, Terminal 2C. 6. Visit to the Christian Dior showroom. 7. A sparkly Eiffel from Pont Alexandre III. 8. The Eiffel Tower lighting up during sunset. 9. Shoes! Givenchy, & Other Stories, Dune. 10. Les Pyramides du Louvre.

Self portraits, shot in my beautiful Airbnb.

Wearing: Topshop - Blazer // & Other Stories - Shirt // H&M - Trousers // THP SHOP - Bound Cuffs // PYAR - Essential rings

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