Let me start off by declaring that I absolutely adore snakeskin.* I still remember, almost three years back, I was wandering through Mandarin Gallery with friends and we walked into an exotic leather accessory shop... and it was love at first sight when my gaze landed on the silver-black-grey scales of this clutch. I just had to have it. And I got it. Impulse buy of the day... check. I used to blame my impulsiveness on the fact that I was young and didn't know better, but as I write this post, something else is occurring to me. Save my shalwar-kameez in a shirt's disguise, I noticed that everything put together in this outfit came into my life out of sheer impulse. Maybe deep down on some subconscious level, I did know better. That has to be it, right? I clearly don't have a shopping addiction. I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not in a river in Egypt.**

Jeans - my partner-in-crime Naomi was getting a paisley print shirt and, naturally, that meant I had to buy something too. After trying them on for fit, not even the thought of having a second thought arose. Sneakers - while on a mission to buy a weave bracelet, a friend happened to be working at the store. Chit-chat turned into me trying on more things for fun and as I got ready to pay, it happened. Word vomit. "I'll take the shoes as well!". Sunglasses - a few weeks after I had enlisted for national service,

I was going through a really difficult time in my life, more often than not finding myself in a state of despondency. Only shopping gave me reprieve. I walked into the store, saw something shiny and purple, ka-ching, and I walked out with it on my face. Bracelet - here's a precautionary tale on the dangers of online shopping. It was the year Moda Operandi first launched and I had a discount waiting for me, thanks to my punctual registration. 4am and unable to sleep, I whip open my laptop and clicked an email subjected "Shop Eddie Borgo Trunkshow" and five minutes later I was clicking another email subjected "Thank You For Your Order".

On a serious note, I do think I really was addicted to shopping. The little rush of joy was the temporary high I craved for all the time. I'm not entirely sure how exactly I overcame this dependency. I guess it was a combination of becoming more mature, independent, happy and aware of the goings-on around me. Money can't buy you happiness. Unless you know where to shop. I jest. But I will say that even today making a purchase on something extravagant can lift my mood, but I know that it's secondary and superficial. It'll only make you more happy if you already are happy to begin with. With that said, have fun with your impulse buys and don't stress. Returns are there for a reason.


Shot by Azmina.

Wearing: Tailored - Shalwar kameez (worn as shirt) // Pierre Balmain - Motorcyle jeans // COS - Belt // Bottega Veneta - Intrecciato suede sneakers // Dior - Sunglasses // TEZZO & trioon - Python envelope clutch // Eddie Borgo - Lava-stone cone bracelet


* I say this a tad bit cautiously, for fear of being cyber-attacked by PETA and their misled keyboard-army. Let's not even get started on fur.
** A river in Egypt. The Nile. Denial. Please don't make me explain more.


  1. I love your work and your honesty. You will get there, for sure. And in the meanwhile, enjoy the little joys whole-heartedly. 🙂

    • haha thank you Rhea!


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