My go-to uniform for running around most days is a white shirt, jeans and an over-worn pair of white sneakers. It's simple, fuss-free and guaranteed to look chic. Switch up your arm candy and other accessories, and it can really change your overall look. With my darker skin tone, I find that silver accessories are the most cohesive when in white. I save the gold bling-bling for days when darker colours are the star. And finally, my hair. It looks like I never put in much effort into that mess - and that's because I don't. Mostly because I can never get it to look good, so I just avoid the embarrassment altogether. The only time you'll see it looking fancy is after a little chop-chop with my favourite barber.

There are few that I trust when it comes to matters of my hair - not that the unruly mop on the top of my head is that brilliant or anything. It's hard to find someone that doesn't simply know how to just cut hair but knows how to work well with the individual whose hair is being cut. Hair is the one thing that can totally transform a person and many feel attached to it. Perhaps this is why, as a child when I had to get my hair cut by those old-school neighbourhood barbers, who churned out hair clones by the dozen, my mother had to drag me, kicking and screaming. Just think of the makeover episodes on Next Top Model for a clearer picture. Ah, the good old days.

K.C. Meals, on the other hand is one person who understands what works for you and your hair. And he does it damn well. When this figurative and literal rockstar isn't caught up reppin' Singapore at international music festivals, you'll find him in the coolest space you've ever seen - Grease Monkey Barber Garage. Is it a barbershop or a garage? It's kind of both. Believe it. They keep the uncouth cultured. They give me my mother's approval - she's always yelling to get my hair out of my face. There you go, mother.

Back to what I was saying - you're a damn fool if you'd rather get your hair cut anywhere else. The GMBG* mascot will haunt you if you don't.

Thank you, Mr. Meals, for making me look like a badass.

Or a colonial soldier, as Jill sees it.

15 Mayo Street, Singapore 208312.

Photo assistance - Jillian.

Wearing: H&M - Shirt // Cotton On - Spitfire jeans // Bershka - Sneakers // Hermès - Collier de Chien bracelet // Céline - Audrey Sunglasses

* You know, since we Singaporeans have a talent for turning anything and everything into an acronym.


  1. Absolutely love the ensemble! Everything looks so minimalist, chic, and well thought out/put together. Gorgeous photography as well! Totally agree with you about the hair – I only trust a single lady in the world to touch my hair – everyone else just seems so confused when I walk on (like they’ve never worked with thick hair??). Gotta stick with the pros…

  2. I do agree with your hair sentiments. A bad haircut has the ability to ruin a couple of months out of one’s life. You look really great! Really like your writing.



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