HERMÈS prêt-à-porter automne-hiver 2016-2017


As promised, I present to you my favourite moments from Hermès during PFW (read the full story at the Fashionide). Let's begin with Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski... there's so much I could say about this woman. Even more than that are the things I want to say to her. Why are you so chic? Will you be my friend? Are you a model? The designer herself may look like a Madonna right out of a renaissance painting, but her design aesthetic at Hermès is updated to the minute. Minimal with maximum effect. Meticulous, yet nonchalant. Ultra luxurious, but not loud. Let's not forget her past experience at The Row, Maison Margiela and Céline - this lady has some serious guns in her armoury. She may not be a big personality like her predecessors at the French powerhouse, but she's definitely rising above her contemporaries and making her mark. On the runway, I couldn't help but marvel at the silhouettes and forms of the clothes as they floated by. Up close at the showrooms, I could have buried my nose in every little detail. And the accessories... oh my god. I'll take all of them in every kind of leather, in every colour. Thanks.

In other news, I know this update is a little late, but it's better than never, no? There's nothing more I want to do than share my experiences with you, but sometimes inspiration runs dry or life gets in the way. Believe me, there are so many posts lined up waiting in my drafts folder (over a dozen), but for me, quality trumps quantity. I'd rather share a well executed story where I have something to say, rather than spew out slapstick photo diaries, even if it means I don't get to update as often.

I've just gotten back from a little trip through Europe (which I'm sure you've been following on Instagram) and that means fresh content and more time to curate this space better. I'm about to hold my breath and dive headfirst into the 5000 or so photos from the last two weeks through Spain, France and Netherlands. Wish me luck, guys.

Photography by yours truly.



TSUMORI CHISATO prêt-à-porter automne-hiver 2016-2017

My second gracing of Paris Fashion Week last March was a completely different affair from the first. More shows, more presentations and more parties meant more scheduling conflicts, more yoyo-ing between the left and right banks of the Seine and more moments of panic. Never before had I given any thought to the importance of a comfortable pair of shoes till that moment when it started pouring, Uber stopped working and I was late for a re-see. Believe me, I ran. And I have the blisters to prove it. But at the end of the day, how could you not love the whole experience? It meant more pay-offs. I'm in the fashion capital of the world, chasing my dreams, rubbing shoulders with the best of the best. It could be a whole lot worse, right?

Apparently I was wrong.

It's totally understandable if you've been doing this for years and find this whole shebang exhausting, but multiple encounters with a certain fashion editor left me flabbergasted. She was actually disgusted by the fact that I was completely excited to be attending shows. Each time I ran into her, her nonchalance started to look more like apathy. And with each roll of her eyes, she made it seem like she did not want to be there. Until she confirmed my suspicions and actually said she'd rather be at home in bed. Every time I opened my mouth to lighten the situation, she cut me off with a snide remark. "Don't be so excited. It's just work." Cue eye-roll.

Was I the naïve one? Was there something wrong with me for publicly displaying my enthusiasm?

The following day I made my way down to the salons at Maxim’s, the words of the Eye-roll-Editor still echoing in my head. I was standing inside what was, once upon a time, the most exclusive of restaurants in Paris. Around me were the most breathtaking Belle Époque interiors I had seen in the city, but I just couldn't bring myself to show the awe I felt. Strangely enough, I was feeling shy. I didn't want to look like a noob among the fashion elite.

It was here that Tsumori Chisato housed her intimate presentation. Compared to runways like those at Dior or Chanel, I felt like I was BFFs with every one of the attendees, except for the Eye-roll-Editor, of course. Before the show even began, she couldn't stop complaining and left, because she didn't want to be late for Balmain. I didn't mind at all - it felt a little easier to breathe in her absence. The remainder of us cosied up in the historically rich venue and got to experience a little magic.

Ombre-legged psychedelic nymphs transcended through time and space, wafting from salon to salon. She could be a cowgirl from the 60s, or she could be part of Rihanna’s squad in 2017. Chisato proved that it’s not necessary to have a time or place for everything. What's important is to just be in the moment. The models embraced a no-fucks-given attitude, which felt like a splash of cold water across my face. It was pure enchantment. I was reminded of the many reasons why I was drawn to fashion in the first place - it allowed anyone access into an environment where we could experience a freedom of expression. We saw an abundance of colour, we saw symmetrical prints that popped, we saw movement with the most delicate of fabrics, but most of all we saw the passion and creativity that Chisato puts into her craft. Humbled, she took a bow at the end of the show and you could see in her eyes the joy and pride she felt - as if it was the first time she was in a room full of people appreciating her and her vision.

If a great woman like herself, who's been in the industry for close to four decades, still wasn't overcome with cynicism, who was I to question my own starry-eyed behaviour? As I joined the scores of others in applauding Ms. Chisato, I realised that it is possible to remain madly in love with what you do. And why the hell should I be ashamed for it? I decided that perhaps the Eye-roll-Editor wasn't following her passions and ended up disenchanted over the years. Clearly she's the anomaly, not me. Sometimes haters are going to hate - you just have to take Taylor Swift's advice and dance to that sick beat. Which I did. With supermodels, no less.

Photography & illustration by me, for CLARA Indonesia.


CHANEL prêt-à-porter automne-hiver 2016-2017

You know you had a good time travelling when more than a month later you're still suffering from withdrawal symptoms, even though it was a work trip rather than a vacation. There were many little things that made my time at Paris Fashion Week so magical - the snowfall, the food, the company, the showrooms. But most of all, the shows. Ah, the beautiful shows. And Monsieur Lagerfeld, as always, lived up to expectations of a great show. One might think that it was a simple set, unlike the usual fanfare at Chanel... but let me tell you, to give all the guests a front row experience is by no means a small feat. To put it into perspective, the models took about 8 minutes to make it through the maze-like runway.

And speaking of models, I'm going to be blatant and tell you I was drooling over these gorgeous girls most of the time, instead of the equally stunning clothes. I'm sorry, but that's what you get when you put all of my favourite models in one show. You end up with a very star-strucked Faiyaz. Between them, Snapchat, Instagram, Boomerang and my camera, I was pretty dazed by the end of the show. Here's a little visual recollection of those fabulous moments front row at Chanel. You can read the rest of my thoughts on the actual collection here. Carry on, kids. I'm just going to be right here, transfixed on the perfection that is known as Gigi Hadid.

Photography & illustration by yours truly.


fixated faiyaz lfw streetstyle irina lakicevic 2

Irina Lakicevic with Louis Vuitton bag & Gucci shoes.




If only every day were like fashion week. We'd get to see the best of the best dressed in the best, bustling around town. What a sight for sore eyes. Out of all the major fashion capitals, London has its own distinct style on the streets - expressive, bold and unapologetic. No one, especially the younger generation, is afraid to express themselves.


Running around between shows and appointments with my partners in crime, I grabbed at the opportunity to capture stylish sidewalk stompers - from up and coming bloggers and designers, to the biggest names running the industry. Here, I present to you my little curation of London Fashion Week streetstyle.

Peony Lim.

Chloé bag.

Daria Shapovalova with Alexander McQueen bag.

Iyas Lawrence.

Claudia Naomi Bongso with Céline bag.

Models after Topshop Unique show.

Hermès bag.

Hubert Chen.

Elisa Sednaoui in Burberry coat.

Sara Donaldson.

Camilla Elphick shoes.

Valentino bag.

Tomoko Inuzuka.

Vita Fede & Cartier bracelets.

Payzee Mahmod.

Madeleine Bugge Karlsen.

Teni B. & Anne Thompson.

Valentino bag.

St. Vincent.

Stella McCartney bags.

Idil & Renee.

 Fendi sunglasses.

Bryanboy with Loewe bag.

Burberry coat.

Irina Lakicevic with Gucci shoes.




 Peony Lim with Hermès bag.

Ruth Chapman.

DKNY bag.

Tim Lo with Céline bag.

Burberry shoes.

 Peggy Gould.



Chantelle Kulkarni.

Louis Vuitton bag.

Alexa Chung.

 Jourdan Dunn in Burberry.

Sarah Harris. 

Chanel & Missoni.

Claudia Naomi Bongso with Céline bag & Valentino shoes.

Anya Hindmarch bag.


Dior bag.

 Cara Delevingne & Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis.


Chanel bag.

Sara Donaldson.

Chanel bag.

Elina Halimi in Burberry coat.

Fendi bag.

 Hubert Chen with Chanel bag.

Linda Fargo. 


Sofie Valkiers in Louis Vuitton.

Tim Lo with Givenchy & Saint Laurent Paris bags.

Sara Donaldson.

Loewe bag.

 Peggy Gould.

Yuni Choe. 

 Neelam Gill in Burberry.

Chanel bag.

Ji Young Kwak.

Altuzarra bag.

Issey Miyake bag.

 Candice Lake.

Derek Blasberg. 


Daphné Hézard.


Irina Lakicevic in Balmain.


London Fashion Week has come and gone like a tropical thunderstorm storm - out of the blue, brief and electrifying. Now that the dust can settle, I've finally been able to come to my senses and digest the incredible things that have happened over the past five days - which include meeting Shini Park, rubbing shoulders with Cara Delevingne, breathing the same air as Anna Wintour and being photographed by Scott Schuman. But I'm sure you knew all that, considering you're following me on Snapchat. You better get to it if you aren't already. You're missing out on a lot of exciting moments.

Another thing I've been able to catch up on is NYFW - the most fun, bold and alive of the major fashion weeks. As per tradition (or one I'd like to commit to more often), I've picked out some of my favourite New York SS16 trends. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scrolling. Popcorn optional.






It may be almost a hundred years since flapper dresses were all the rage, but if you think fringe is dated - you're wrong. It's definitely here to stay. There couldn't be a better place than the runways of New York to see these dangly bits being reinvented. From a trailing train of mahjong tiles (Vivienne Tam) to a Cousin Itt trim (Givenchy), you'll find it all. Plus, fringe is fun. It adds so much more dimension and movement to a look. All you gotta do is shake, shake, shake.




{1. Dion Lee / 2. Givenchy / 3. Alexander Wang / 4. Prabal Gurung / 5. Christian Siriano / 6. Vivienne Tam / 7. Hervé Léger}






A typical stylish New York wardrobe in the 90s may have looked a lot like what you see when you shut your eyes tight - pitch black. Open your eyes in 2016 and you'll have a grade of colours that will leave you thirsty for that Californian cocktail of citruses and tequila. Alcoholic tendencies aside, orange is one of those colours that complements every skin tone - you just have to find the right shade that you love. Actually finding it is another story. But as it pops up more often on the runways, the chances of it trickling down into smaller labels for mass markets, you'll be more than likely spoilt for choice.


{1. Altuzarra / 2. Maiyet / 3. Prabal Gurung / 4. BOSS / 5. Narciso Rodriguez / 6. Michael Kors / 7. Dion Lee / 8. Opening Ceremony / 9. Betsey Johnson / 10. Oscar De La Renta / 11. Jeremy Scott / 12. Christian Siriano }






Bohemian patterns, graphic prints, lots of textures and even more colour - the recipe for a hippie-chic aesthetic. Personally, I'd feel a little bit like a donut with too many sprinkles if I chose to wear this many clashing elements all at once, however for the right person, it could be perfect. I think it's more of a personality thing. If you're playful, eccentric, creative and a dash of crazy, this could be the wardrobe for you.



{1. Marc Jacobs / 2. Diane Von Furstenberg / 3. Libertine / 4. 3.1 Philip Lim / 5. Tory Burch / 6. Naeem Khan / 7. Delpozo / 8. Anna Sui / 9. Jeremy Scott / 10. Reem Acra / 11. Tommy Hilfiger}






This is by far the best thing to happen in fashion. Why wait for the mercury to drop before you can start piling clothes on top of each other, be it a dress over a shirt (Derek Lam) or a jacket over a jacket (3.1 Philip Lim). It's all about that perfect balance of dimension and not melting under the sun. Summer layering can be such a pleasure once you've got the perfect pieces to put together.




{1. Tome / 2. 3.1 Philip Lim / 3. Ralph Lauren / 4. Maiyet / 5. Opening Ceremony / 6. Hervé Léger / 7. Derek Lam / 8. Elie Tahari / 9. CK Collection / 10. BCBG Max Azria / 11. BOSS / 12. Michael Kors }






I hardly think that designers intend for you to flash your bare chests when you wear their clothes and go on about your daily lives. On the runway it's done to make the clothes look as pure as possible without distracting from their design. But with the huge hype over the freeing of nipples on social media recently, one wonders if there is a message being sent down the runways. Fashion people appear to be desensitised to the apparent shock factor of boobs, which could be a seen as a progressive step in the right direction. So, are they fighting for the cause by trying to normalise it? Or perhaps it's all in my head. Either ways, it's time to stock up on the sheers.


{1. Givenchy / 2. Diane Von Furstenberg / 3. Dion Lee / 4. Marchesa / 5. Bibhu Mohapatra / 6. Zimmerman / 7. Oscar De La Renta / 8. Michael Kors / 9. Thakoon / 10. Proenza Schouler / 11. Badgley Mischka / 12. DKNY }

Now that you've got a little glimpse into what NYFW was all about, keep watching this space for LFW updates, including streetstyle and outfits! Time to rest my eyes (and macbook) from Lightroom and Photoshop abuse. I'm out.

Runway images courtesy of Vogue.



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