It's a gloomy Thursday. My thoughts race against each other as I compartmentalise upcoming appointments, things to do and university deadlines. I let out a deep sigh and make another mental note to pick up a new schedule planner, almost not noticing that I can see my breath now. In the physical world around me, my feet are racing the setting sun, in a bid to get home before dark. Again, I almost miss another indicator of the changing seasons - that distinctive crunch of golden foliage beneath my feet. It’s a sound both comforting and unnerving.

Comforting because it’s the most beautiful time of year in London, I can start going wild with wearing layers and it’s the perfect weather to consume copious amounts of chai. Unnerving because the days are getting shorter and the winter blues will begin to kick in soon... but most of all it’s a reminder that the calendar year is coming to an end and I haven’t achieved nearly as many things that I had wanted to at the start of 2017. But that’s a separate story in itself, which I will speak more on in the coming weeks. Let’s bypass the impending doom and focus on what's at hand.

It’s funny to think that while nature is bursting in bright hues, the sartorial sense of the general public jumps straight from summer into the dismal depths of winter. Just take a look at any tube station at rush hour - you’ll be surrounded mostly by a dull sea of black or grey overcoats and puffer jackets. I always try to incorporate colours into my outfits. Ordinarily my palette for fall would consist of your typical autumn shades, reminiscent of pumpkins and hot chocolate. However, recently I’ve started throwing textures and patterns into the mix.


If it isn’t already obvious at this point, tartan and plaid prints have been a staple of mine over the last few weeks. It’s part of my new new philosophy on dressing warm. My typical advice to others on looking chic in colder weather has been either to wear multiple layers of heattech or to think warm thoughts. The latter is mostly met with eye-rolls and scoffs. My third and latest mantra will probably illicit a similar response - wear warm patterns. But hear me out.

It’s an abstract idea but it works… for me, atleast. Historically, tartan came from Scotland, was made exclusively from wool and was used predominantly for kilts. Stir in a few decades of globalisation and the result is an extensive use of this print in all types of apparel, from high street to high fashion. There’s something about the sombre nature of the pattern that lends it a heft, which automatically inclines me to feel snug and cosy - even if it’s just in my head.


Even if you think my crazy methods of staying warm aren’t going to work for you, you can’t deny the fact that adding a tartan layer is going to elevate you from shabby to chic. If you aren't a fan of more classic shirts (my personal favourites can be found here), fret no. There is an endless selection of more contemporary interpretations by design houses this season - something for everyone. Till next time, kids.









     denim pants UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON coat, shirt ZARA


     trench coat, denim pants, tote bag UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON t-shirt ZARA


     shirt DSQUARED2 (via Farfetch) trousers ACNE STUDIOS coat, turtleneck ZARA


     coat BIMBA Y LOLA shirt HM turtleneck GAP jeans COS

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