After a long summer break (four months to be precise), this final week of September marks the start of a new semester at university. And it's absolutely glorious. Going back to school equates to going back to a familiar routine. While I'm not the biggest fan of the nine-to-five-zombie sort of lifestyle, I'm definitely a person who requires some kind of structure. Call me crazy, but I feel so much more alive and motivated when my plate is too full.

When I have too much free time, my attention, energy and thoughts tend to get misdirected. Once that happens, it simply spirals out of control. Rather than being productive, I find myself sleeping at sunrise, after completing yet another series on Netflix. Very often over the last several weeks, feelings of being overwhelmed by nothingness has clouded my creativity, making me struggle to get any work done. As a result, I haven't been up to par with sharing my photos and experiences here on the blog either. In short, I was stuck in a major rut over the summer - both professionally and in my personal life.

Ever since returning to London a week and a half ago, however, I've really been feeling inspired in so many different ways. I've been making a conscious effort to alter my lifestyle for the better. I've adopted healthier eating and sleeping habits. I've been meeting new people and having honest conversations. I've been feeling thankful for everything in my life. Now, I'm finally seeing things turn around. Who'd have known that being on vacation for too long could be a bad thing, eh?


I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks as I settle into my new routine and discover what awaits me - hopefully, more clarity and less fears and doubts. I'll be sharing more of what went down over the summer as well, so watch this space!







Photo assistance - Sarah Wong


Wearing: Pal Zileri - Shirt // COS - Sweater // Forever 21 - Cigarette trousers // & Other Stories - Shoes // Zara - Backpack // Georg Jensen - Watch // Cutler and Gross - Glasses // Thrifted - Newsboy cap

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