AMISHA अमीशा


Life can be harsh and unforgiving sometimes. Perhaps this is why lately I've been so drawn towards capturing a more romantic essence in my photos. Unclear and spontaneous, light and aglow - like a dream sequence from an old film. In fact, shooting this story with Amisha and Tahira was like a dream. Both of them are visual artists - they understand the subtleties of light, perspective and anatomy. It's always so fascinating for me when I collaborate with others to see how they translate their skills across different mediums. It truly leaves me speechless. All I can say is that I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to work with these talented women.

And while in praise of talented women, a huge shoutout to Trishna and Nicole who have just launched an online platform for the Singaporean creatives - SWEE ZINE.  The full editorial and my little ramble on spontaneity can be found there as well.










MODEL // Amisha Acharya
MAKE-UP // Tahira Asghar

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