Photographer, stylist, creative director, writer – some of the things I hope to achieve in greater depth in the years to come through this blog. My name is Faiyaz, born and raised in Singapore, currently residing in London to pursue a degree in Business Management. FixatedF was originally conceived back in 2010 and served as a platform for me to discover myself and my love for photography, specifically in the realm of fashion. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to be featured in a small number of publications and to be able to contribute to The Fashionide, a Singapore-based high fashion and luxury living blog.

In addition to a showcase of my photography, writing and other creative inclinations, this space is essentially a visual curation of my personal style, travel chronicles, gastronomic experiences and other daily escapades. Hope you enjoy my journey through what life has to offer.

For all enquiries: fixatedfai@gmail.com




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