On my inconclusive style and the colour white.

"Don't you ever get bored of wearing white all the time?"

As you may have noticed, I own a lot of white shirts (I do wear white a lot, but definitely not all the time) - exhibits A, B and C. Hence I often hear the aforementioned question over and over again. The simple answer would be no, I don't get bored of wearing white. Ah, but with me nothing is ever that simple, now is it? Story time, kids.

Flashback to the mad rush of fashion week, in the too-narrow-for-life streets of London, where another question seemed to pop up ever too often - can you describe your style? I found myself answering with words like free, casual and experimental. Had this question been posed to me a mere two months earlier, the answer would have been completely different, entailing a response more along the lines of clean, minimal and comfortable. Hell, if I got asked this two weeks later, you would've heard me say sophisticated, luxe and bold.

No, I don't have multiple personalities, despite what the phases of my style may make you think. What I decide to put on every morning is based on a whole multitude of factors, just like any other person. These may include the day's occasion, weather or even my mood. But for me, the biggest variable affecting my dress-sense usually relates to where I am.

You're probably thinking well, duh, if you're at a beach in summer you wouldn't be wearing heattech and a fur coat, nor would you wear a swimsuit at a ski resort.

What I mean is where I am geographically is what tends to sway my style in certain directions. The country, city or neighbourhood that I find myself in usually has a personality of its own. Combined with the way that I feel for that place is how my sartorial decisions are primarily made. It's only natural for style to adapt across time and space, but who says that its evolution can't happen over a flight or train ride?

Over the months that I was back in Singapore, it was a chance for me to feel light again. I'm a huge fan of layering, but as with any good thing, too much can be too much. Plus, layering in 35°C heat isn't a very smart idea - trust me, I speak from experience. Everything back home felt so fresh and modern in comparison to London's old city charm, that I started to subconsciously dress in a way that borrowed from the minimalism of all the skyscrapers that littered the streets (the only kind of litter that you'll find). When you only have one layer of clothing to throw on, colour coordination becomes a less of a worry. This psuedo-minimal phase just happened to work extremely well with my already existing love affair with white.

What should have been asked was why don't I get bored of wearing white.

It's the most poetic colour. More so than, dare I say, black. Is it even a colour or the lack thereof? A stream of white light contains every shade we could possibly see. White is a blank space waiting to be drawn on. It's my starting point when styling and when conceptualising an editorial. The beauty of it all is that white matches everything. Gold, silver, stripes, polka-dots, denim, tweed, orange, purple - whatever your shade, texture or material of choice may be, a little (or a lot of) white will be complementary.

And it compliments (almost) every kind of style or trend. Whether you think of yourself as bohemian, minimal, classic, normcore or preppy, there's always space for a white garment in your wardrobe. And that's why it never bores me. It doesn't matter what sort of phase I'm going through, I can always make it work for me. White never lets me down.

Photo assistance - Sarah.

Wearing: Vintage - Shirt // C/MEO COLLECTIVE - Jeans // THPSHOP - Bound Cuffs

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