Fashion week to me is what Halloween is to high school kids - you can wear whatever you want and no one's going to judge you for it. Not even if you dress as a mouse. Duh.

Not that I judge the sartorial choices of anyone else during the rest of the year. I'm a firm believer of if you like it, wear it. If you don't, then trash it. Don't let the bastards get you down. You just do you.

As individuals, we need to understand that everyone has a mind of their own - we each have a different set of opinions and aesthetics. That makes us unique. What appeals to someone like Anna Wintour could repulse the person sitting next to you right now. Instead of forcing your views on others (this applies to a million other things as well), how about you agree to disagree and respect those who think differently from you?

But, alas, we live in a society where everyone's first instinct is to judge appearances. God forbid you wear a dress that doesn't suit your body type. They'll rip you apart. Only during fashion week do people seem slightly more forgiving. And I don't understand. After all, it's just clothes - why are you taking what I wear more seriously than myself?

We're all here to have a little fun.

And fun is exactly what this look was about.*

When dressing up for fashion week, my aim is to look high-fash-uhn, but effortlessly. It's all too easy to go overboard and look like you're wearing a cheap stage costume. My secret little formula? Find a focal piece for your look and then build around it. In this case, my super fringe biker jacket.

Who better to take a cue from than Christopher Bailey, who showed us that fringe can equate to expensive, and not just cowboy. Pairing this little suede number with mustards and silver accented accessories gave the perfect balance for the day - daring enough at Topshop Unique, but still classy and luxe at Louis Vuitton.

Speaking of this French powerhouse, they sure know how to throw a party. The SERIES 3 exhibition opening gala kicked some major ass. From the A-list guest-list (Selena Gomez, Catherine Deneuve, Michelle Williams, Clémence Poésy) down to the hors d'oeuvres and fancy cocktails (and the waiters that looked like they just got off the runway), every little detail was on point. Much like my trusty little Twist. Oh Louis, you always take my breath away.

If we lived in a perfect world, we'd flutter around every night, wearing whatever the hell we want, at crazy exclusive parties, with another Sunday morning awaiting us at dawn. But we don't. Reality calls. 9am lectures confirm that this is only going to be possible in my dreams.

Shot by Tim.

Wearing: Topshop - Fringe biker jacket, trousers // Gap - Turtleneck sweater // Louis Vuitton - Twist bag // Givenchy - Patent Oxfords // PYAR - Essential rings // Maria Francesca Pepe, & Other Stories, Zara - Jewellery

* Speaking of looks, I'm finally on lookbook! Lord knows why it took me this long. Be sure to follow me (or should I say fan me?)!


fixated faiyaz lfw streetstyle irina lakicevic 2

Irina Lakicevic with Louis Vuitton bag & Gucci shoes.




If only every day were like fashion week. We'd get to see the best of the best dressed in the best, bustling around town. What a sight for sore eyes. Out of all the major fashion capitals, London has its own distinct style on the streets - expressive, bold and unapologetic. No one, especially the younger generation, is afraid to express themselves.


Running around between shows and appointments with my partners in crime, I grabbed at the opportunity to capture stylish sidewalk stompers - from up and coming bloggers and designers, to the biggest names running the industry. Here, I present to you my little curation of London Fashion Week streetstyle.

Peony Lim.

Chloé bag.

Daria Shapovalova with Alexander McQueen bag.

Iyas Lawrence.

Claudia Naomi Bongso with Céline bag.

Models after Topshop Unique show.

Hermès bag.

Hubert Chen.

Elisa Sednaoui in Burberry coat.

Sara Donaldson.

Camilla Elphick shoes.

Valentino bag.

Tomoko Inuzuka.

Vita Fede & Cartier bracelets.

Payzee Mahmod.

Madeleine Bugge Karlsen.

Teni B. & Anne Thompson.

Valentino bag.

St. Vincent.

Stella McCartney bags.

Idil & Renee.

 Fendi sunglasses.

Bryanboy with Loewe bag.

Burberry coat.

Irina Lakicevic with Gucci shoes.




 Peony Lim with Hermès bag.

Ruth Chapman.

DKNY bag.

Tim Lo with Céline bag.

Burberry shoes.

 Peggy Gould.



Chantelle Kulkarni.

Louis Vuitton bag.

Alexa Chung.

 Jourdan Dunn in Burberry.

Sarah Harris. 

Chanel & Missoni.

Claudia Naomi Bongso with Céline bag & Valentino shoes.

Anya Hindmarch bag.


Dior bag.

 Cara Delevingne & Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis.


Chanel bag.

Sara Donaldson.

Chanel bag.

Elina Halimi in Burberry coat.

Fendi bag.

 Hubert Chen with Chanel bag.

Linda Fargo. 


Sofie Valkiers in Louis Vuitton.

Tim Lo with Givenchy & Saint Laurent Paris bags.

Sara Donaldson.

Loewe bag.

 Peggy Gould.

Yuni Choe. 

 Neelam Gill in Burberry.

Chanel bag.

Ji Young Kwak.

Altuzarra bag.

Issey Miyake bag.

 Candice Lake.

Derek Blasberg. 


Daphné Hézard.


Irina Lakicevic in Balmain.


London Fashion Week has come and gone like a tropical thunderstorm storm - out of the blue, brief and electrifying. Now that the dust can settle, I've finally been able to come to my senses and digest the incredible things that have happened over the past five days - which include meeting Shini Park, rubbing shoulders with Cara Delevingne, breathing the same air as Anna Wintour and being photographed by Scott Schuman. But I'm sure you knew all that, considering you're following me on Snapchat. You better get to it if you aren't already. You're missing out on a lot of exciting moments.

Another thing I've been able to catch up on is NYFW - the most fun, bold and alive of the major fashion weeks. As per tradition (or one I'd like to commit to more often), I've picked out some of my favourite New York SS16 trends. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scrolling. Popcorn optional.






It may be almost a hundred years since flapper dresses were all the rage, but if you think fringe is dated - you're wrong. It's definitely here to stay. There couldn't be a better place than the runways of New York to see these dangly bits being reinvented. From a trailing train of mahjong tiles (Vivienne Tam) to a Cousin Itt trim (Givenchy), you'll find it all. Plus, fringe is fun. It adds so much more dimension and movement to a look. All you gotta do is shake, shake, shake.




{1. Dion Lee / 2. Givenchy / 3. Alexander Wang / 4. Prabal Gurung / 5. Christian Siriano / 6. Vivienne Tam / 7. Hervé Léger}






A typical stylish New York wardrobe in the 90s may have looked a lot like what you see when you shut your eyes tight - pitch black. Open your eyes in 2016 and you'll have a grade of colours that will leave you thirsty for that Californian cocktail of citruses and tequila. Alcoholic tendencies aside, orange is one of those colours that complements every skin tone - you just have to find the right shade that you love. Actually finding it is another story. But as it pops up more often on the runways, the chances of it trickling down into smaller labels for mass markets, you'll be more than likely spoilt for choice.


{1. Altuzarra / 2. Maiyet / 3. Prabal Gurung / 4. BOSS / 5. Narciso Rodriguez / 6. Michael Kors / 7. Dion Lee / 8. Opening Ceremony / 9. Betsey Johnson / 10. Oscar De La Renta / 11. Jeremy Scott / 12. Christian Siriano }






Bohemian patterns, graphic prints, lots of textures and even more colour - the recipe for a hippie-chic aesthetic. Personally, I'd feel a little bit like a donut with too many sprinkles if I chose to wear this many clashing elements all at once, however for the right person, it could be perfect. I think it's more of a personality thing. If you're playful, eccentric, creative and a dash of crazy, this could be the wardrobe for you.



{1. Marc Jacobs / 2. Diane Von Furstenberg / 3. Libertine / 4. 3.1 Philip Lim / 5. Tory Burch / 6. Naeem Khan / 7. Delpozo / 8. Anna Sui / 9. Jeremy Scott / 10. Reem Acra / 11. Tommy Hilfiger}






This is by far the best thing to happen in fashion. Why wait for the mercury to drop before you can start piling clothes on top of each other, be it a dress over a shirt (Derek Lam) or a jacket over a jacket (3.1 Philip Lim). It's all about that perfect balance of dimension and not melting under the sun. Summer layering can be such a pleasure once you've got the perfect pieces to put together.




{1. Tome / 2. 3.1 Philip Lim / 3. Ralph Lauren / 4. Maiyet / 5. Opening Ceremony / 6. Hervé Léger / 7. Derek Lam / 8. Elie Tahari / 9. CK Collection / 10. BCBG Max Azria / 11. BOSS / 12. Michael Kors }






I hardly think that designers intend for you to flash your bare chests when you wear their clothes and go on about your daily lives. On the runway it's done to make the clothes look as pure as possible without distracting from their design. But with the huge hype over the freeing of nipples on social media recently, one wonders if there is a message being sent down the runways. Fashion people appear to be desensitised to the apparent shock factor of boobs, which could be a seen as a progressive step in the right direction. So, are they fighting for the cause by trying to normalise it? Or perhaps it's all in my head. Either ways, it's time to stock up on the sheers.


{1. Givenchy / 2. Diane Von Furstenberg / 3. Dion Lee / 4. Marchesa / 5. Bibhu Mohapatra / 6. Zimmerman / 7. Oscar De La Renta / 8. Michael Kors / 9. Thakoon / 10. Proenza Schouler / 11. Badgley Mischka / 12. DKNY }

Now that you've got a little glimpse into what NYFW was all about, keep watching this space for LFW updates, including streetstyle and outfits! Time to rest my eyes (and macbook) from Lightroom and Photoshop abuse. I'm out.

Runway images courtesy of Vogue.


It's always a good time for a micro-update when sleep evades me. Plus I had to share this cool outfit. Pun intended. Read on.

Barely a week into returning to my second home, a.k.a London, and I'm caught in a whirlpool of errands - not limited to cooking, cleaning, fashion week prep and pre-uni affairs. This morning, while overlooking my balcony and sipping on tea, I finally had a breather and got to appreciate one of my favourite things about this corner of the world - the weather.

Left, right and centre, all I hear are complaints about that darn British weather. I'll be honest. I just don't get the hate. What's there not to love about the start of fall? Right? But then again, I am biased. Autumn itself is a novelty for me, coming from an equatorial inferno. When the weather changes, it's almost like I'm a wide-eyed kid entering a candy store.

In an attempt to compensate for falling temperatures, warm colour palettes start to emerge not only in nature, but in our daily wardrobes as well - walnuts, scarlets, ochres, dijons, olives... We tend to turn into walking pumpkin-spiced lattes (looking at you, Starbucks). Whatever it takes to trick our minds into believing that three layers of Uniqlo heattech are not necessary. Which actually aren't. Come February, however, and it's a whole other story. You will instantly regret not wearing them the second you step out into a sub-arctic cold spell.


But the heart of winter is still far away. Why not enjoy the cool weather with cool shades of blue?

Or not. It's up to you. That's the whole fun of fashion, isn't it?






Self portraits.

Wearing: H&M x Lanvin - Shirt // H&M - Trousers // Zara - Blazer // COS - Belt



P.S. - Don't you love it when separates from different stores, bought at different times, one day just come together and match perfectly? Makes me so excited whenever things match without stress-inducing pre-planning.


My go-to uniform for running around most days is a white shirt, jeans and an over-worn pair of white sneakers. It's simple, fuss-free and guaranteed to look chic. Switch up your arm candy and other accessories, and it can really change your overall look. With my darker skin tone, I find that silver accessories are the most cohesive when in white. I save the gold bling-bling for days when darker colours are the star. And finally, my hair. It looks like I never put in much effort into that mess - and that's because I don't. Mostly because I can never get it to look good, so I just avoid the embarrassment altogether. The only time you'll see it looking fancy is after a little chop-chop with my favourite barber.

There are few that I trust when it comes to matters of my hair - not that the unruly mop on the top of my head is that brilliant or anything. It's hard to find someone that doesn't simply know how to just cut hair but knows how to work well with the individual whose hair is being cut. Hair is the one thing that can totally transform a person and many feel attached to it. Perhaps this is why, as a child when I had to get my hair cut by those old-school neighbourhood barbers, who churned out hair clones by the dozen, my mother had to drag me, kicking and screaming. Just think of the makeover episodes on Next Top Model for a clearer picture. Ah, the good old days.

K.C. Meals, on the other hand is one person who understands what works for you and your hair. And he does it damn well. When this figurative and literal rockstar isn't caught up reppin' Singapore at international music festivals, you'll find him in the coolest space you've ever seen - Grease Monkey Barber Garage. Is it a barbershop or a garage? It's kind of both. Believe it. They keep the uncouth cultured. They give me my mother's approval - she's always yelling to get my hair out of my face. There you go, mother.

Back to what I was saying - you're a damn fool if you'd rather get your hair cut anywhere else. The GMBG* mascot will haunt you if you don't.

Thank you, Mr. Meals, for making me look like a badass.

Or a colonial soldier, as Jill sees it.

15 Mayo Street, Singapore 208312.

Photo assistance - Jillian.

Wearing: H&M - Shirt // Cotton On - Spitfire jeans // Bershka - Sneakers // Hermès - Collier de Chien bracelet // Céline - Audrey Sunglasses

* You know, since we Singaporeans have a talent for turning anything and everything into an acronym.



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